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Welcome to Aphrodite.. 

The home of exquisite, erotic fine art. Your, or a loved one’s name, beautifully depicted in a unique, pencil original.


You can further personalise your artwork by requesting specific body art, piercings or intimate personal items to be featured. You also get a ‘cheeky’ ‘name bio’ that we write, or you brief to us, for a further bespoke touch. 


Prices really depend on the length of the name you require, and the imagery included, but they go up to around £500, but less for a very short name - three or four letters, and a little more for longer names of several letters. Just give us your details and we’ll happily give you a quote.


Aphrodite art is risqué, but certainly not passé.

Drawn with love, in the name of love.

aphrodisiart.co is pleased to be associated with Gadgets with Benefits.


Gadgets with Benefits was established in order to change the way

people (specifically women) relate to sex accessories and intimate

toys. We offer you a new notion of self satisfaction, one which is based

on exploration of your magnificent human figure.

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